Deborah Lippmann Caught “Girls” Fever

Recently, during a Netflix Dry Spell (the worst!), I decided to invest my time into HBO’s new hipster-gasm of a comedy series, Girls.

I had recently seen Lena Dunham in Tiny Furniture┬áduring a Netflix explosion (the best!) and really, really liked the style. Girls is much along those lines in the sense that it comes off as irreverent-yet-honest 90% of the time. If you can make it through an episode without relating, I would consider relocating to an area wherein you’ll have contact with people your own age, because there’s no way you’re living there now. There are little snippets of everyone’s personality in each of the four, highly-defined and interesting characters.

Here’s the trailer from Girls, Season One:

Deborah Lippmann (whose name I always want to spell Debborrahh Lippmann) is, of course, a nail art deity, and has partnered with Girls to release a limited edition set of polishes based on the characters.

Deborah Lippmann x HBO's Girls Nail Polish Collection

Personally, as a fan of the show, I advocate every single one of these colors just as labelled. Each fit their assigned character perfectly, and I’m sorry for anyone who hasn’t seen the show because this post is probably bordering on Fox News’ “Facts”-level irrelevance… But at least the colors are pretty so you can enjoy that, right?

The set is available for pre-order right now for $45, and while I love the show and all the colors are great, I only have my eye on that Hannah hunter green. The Shoshonna burgundy is also gorgeous, but burgundy is a dime-a-dozen these days, with it being so ~trendy~ and all.

Have you seen Girls? Do you like the show?

Or if you haven’t, do you like the colors?

Probably watching Netflix.