Dedicated: Beauty staples under $5

There’s nothing better than finding a new source of things you constantly need. Liquid eyeliner, bright red lipstick, pencils, balms and salves, etc.

Currently, I am out of liquid eyeliner, and it’s quite reqsponsible for the most upsetting part of my morning: reaching for it, followed by remembering that it’s gone. I’ve also started to see the bottom of my lucky-find Benefit bronzing powder, so I know my days of having obvious cheekbones are numbered. I seem to run out of a lot of things at the same time and nothing makes you feel more like your life is falling apart than watching your daily makeup bag take one-by-one dives into the garbage can. What a depressing image.

Fortunately, I recently learned about, which is an awesome go-to resource for great deals on drugstore beauty brands like Revlon and Rimmel, and even some designer lines like Jemma Kidd and Calvin Klein! And when I say “great” I really mean “great” – think better than drugstore prices, and then some!

Beauty Staples under $5 from

Beauty Staples under $4

1. Essie Nail Polish, $3.02
2. Jemma Kidd Lipstick Duo, $3.80
3. Calvin Klein Delicious Pout Lip Gloss, $3.78 ($23+ off retail!)
4. Nivea Waterproof Black Mascara, $3.02
5. Meridiana Wooden Nail Brush, $1.50
6. Revlon Crystal Nail File, $3.02
7. Calvin Klein Summer Affair Bronzing Powder, $4.54
8. W7 Black Liquid Eyeliner, $1.90
9. Royal Makeup Blender Sponges, $2.28
10. Prestige Brow Perfection, $3.80
11. Revlon Expert Square Tip Tweezers, $2.28


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  • Shelly

    I tried to order from above. Their website says they cannot ship outside of the UK. How did you get your order?

    • Hi Shelly!

      I didn’t place an order with – I just located these products on their website! We have a lot of readers in the UK who might like this, but the bulk of our readers are in the US (hence the US dollar signs).

      Hopefully they start shipping to the US soon!