Dedicated: Bonmarche Prepares Me for Spring

While perusing the ladies clothes at Bonmarche, I was reminded over and over – warmer days are coming.

This chill in the air – it’s going to be gone soon. Do you remember those days? The days when the sun was out and you could actually feel it? It’s coming back! (Ok, I’m trying to sound more excited than I actually am, because I’m still so bitter that we didn’t get any snow.)

I’m not much for buying ladies swimwear online, but just looking at them is getting me so ready for summer. They’ve got an amazing collection of wildly inexpensive, one-piece swimsuits that make sure all of the “dowdy” connotations are taken out of the equation by offering updated designs and contemporary embellishments on timeless cuts.

Plus size swim suits

Any girl who is, or has been plus-sized knows what kind of treasure trove this is. Most full-figured, one-piece suits are the equivalent of your great-aunt’s “Autumn Harvest” tablecloth. Not to mention, I’d rather not put insane, “masking,” “slimming” prints on my body and instead just have a selection of things that are adorable and modern. Is that really so much to ask? I didn’t think so, either. So: Thank you, Bonmarche.

Also getting me in the mood this year? High-waists. I don’t know why – I’m so attracted to them, suddenly! I ran across these cotton jersey shorts and initially was kind of confused and alarmed. The length seems so long! It has so much potential to be “too old” for me. But then… I saw that waist – that high waist! It completely changes the silhouette of the shorts, and kept me staring at them at least 3x as long as I would have, otherwise..

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Styled cleverly, this could be a very throwback, retro spring/summer and I don’t mind that one bit! Sure, maybe February is a bit too early for vacation shopping, but it never hurts to be prepared, does it? You never know when someone is going to hand you a free airline ticket and says, “Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take ya’!” Besides, when cute one-piece suits are only £13, there’s no reason not to!

Lindsay Ginn

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  • i adore these suits. one pieces are a delight and i am glad people are wearing them again