Dedicated: Clarks’ Comfortable Sale

Bless you, internet shopping, and bless the glorious end-of-season sale at Clarks. Browsing the pages, I feel all warm & cozy. Aren’t all sales comfortable, though? There’s something about them that has a gentle way of saying… “You can have me and still afford to eat food this month.

If you’ve been reading this blog as long as I want you to have been reading it, you’ll know that I’ve been a fan of “comfort shoes” for a long time. Comfort does not = ugly! Clarks is an excellent example of this philosophy. For the majority of trends I see on the runway, Clarks has a version that won’t break your ankles and send you ungracefully soaring towards the ground when your 5″ heel gets caught in that sewer grate you knew you shouldn’t risk walking over!

Mix that up with a sale where my favorite styles are around 60% off, and I’m one cozy gal.


Are you nuts about those Clarks tweet hi-tops? You can’t deny their nerd couture appeal. & The super-sharp angles of the Clarks Azizi India pump is beyond edgy – especially for shoes that are actually… comfortable? It’s officially time to dig my nails into this discount festival. You can find all of the above shoes in the sale section!


Bonus Clarks Fact: Who knew that Clarks was also an ethically-/socially-/environmentally-conscious retailer?

I love sending people links and pointing out shoes from Clarks because no one ever believes it when they see such a high quotient of style mixed with actual, real sensibility – not that pretend sensibility you have when you wear wedges instead of platform sandals “because it’s raining.”

Lindsay Ginn

Livin' in your basement, eatin' your canned foods.

  • love those sneaks and proper (read: walkable) shoes are always hard to come by. great find.


  • I don’t think I have ever even tried on a Clarks shoe- but these are super cute!

    xx Kait

    • Surprisingly cute, right?! They never fail to impress me with their high style.