Dedicated: Vacation Bag Season is Here!

Sunny days make me want to be anywhere other than my desk. Not an uncommon affliction, right? You get peeks of the warm sun outside, and all you can think about is hopping in your car, or taking a bus to a place unknown and not coming back to “responsibility” and “real life” for a while.

Sometimes, when I can’t shake the summer wanderlust, I indulge one of my greatest weaknesses: weekender bags. 

They’re big enough to carry everything you’ll need to be happy in a strange place. Clothes, a couple pairs of shoes, a book or laptop, and snacks (the latter being the most important, let’s be real). Maybe you even want to throw your passport, camera & Debenhams Travel Insurance in there for a real adventure (or maybe you’re just fleeing the country?). I love a multi-purpose bag, and this will take you from the beach to the gym to your parents’ house for a [short!] visit.

Weekender Bags

Top row: Volcom Supply an Demand Rucksack, $31.99; BDG West Oxford Weekender Bag, $39.99.
Second Row: Sole Society Cassidy Weekender Bag, $69.99; MNG by Mango Contrast Handle Bag, $45.
Bottom: Herschel Ravine Bag, $58.99

What do you always bring on vacation with you?

(Before you travel to the US, please make sure you have a valid ESTA if you are from one of those US Visa Waiver Program countries.)

Probably watching Netflix.

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