Dedicated: Five Jean-ius Maternity Outfits

One of your first thoughts when discovering that you’re pregnant might be ‘I won’t be able to fit into my favourite jeans!’. Ok, so maybe not one of your very first thoughts, but many pregnant ladies feel a twinge of panic at not being able to fit into their trusty denims throughout pregnancy (and beyond!).

Never fear. There are some fantastic maternity jeans available meaning that you can rock your denims while your bump grows, remaining ever stylish and comfortable. Take a look at these five jean-ius outfit ideas for easy maternity style:

Chilling at Home

You can’t beat relaxing at home, and Maternity Bootcut Jeans are the perfect loungewear option. Bootcut maternity jeans from George at ASDA are just £16, with a comfy over the bump panel to support your growing tummy.

Bootcut Maternity Jeans

Slip on a loose maternity tee – the George at ASDA ‘Love My Bump’ slogan is ideal for lounging in – and a pair of soft slipper socks to keep tootsies warm, and you’re ready to put your feet up!

Bump about Town

You’re sure to be doing lots of shopping for your new arrival, and you’ll want to look stylish, yet feel comfortable when dashing (or maybe not!) up and down the high street. If you love your skinny jeans, don’t even think about giving them up! Simply choose a style with a touch of elastane to add stretch to the fabric – George skinny jeans have 2 per cent elastane for that hint of much needed stretch without compromising on style!

Maternity Skinny Jeans

And if the idea of showcasing your new skinny jeans doesn’t make the prospect of trailing up and down the shopping centre any more appealing, cheat and shop online for your baby essentials instead at George at ASDA!

Lunch Date

Embroidered Maternity Top

Skinny jeans are great for smart/casual lunch dates too. Choose from an over bump or under bump style, depending on your preference. You might find that you prefer under bump in early pregnancy and over bump as your baby grows. The George at ASDA Maternity Embroidered Top £14 in coral would look perfect with skinny jeans and ballet flats for a laid back lunch.

Cinema Trip

Perhaps you’ve swapped nights out in bars for nights out in front of a movie with a big tub of popcorn – who can blame you! It’s still nice to dress up a little for cinema dates so why not try coloured maternity jeans for a change? Just add a simple top, like a vest top or the George at ASDA Maternity Bubble Hem Top, and pumps, for comfortable, relaxed style.

Evenings Out

There will be some occasions where you want to go out after dark, and it needn’t be a chore to dress up your bump. You can stick to comfortable jeans and still look suitably ‘dressy’ – why not up the style stakes with a pattern? The George Spot Print Skinny Jeans have a subtle print, and need very little in the way of dressing up. Wear with a simple blouse and mid-heel shoes and you’re good to go!

Don’t worry about having to say goodbye to your denims while pregnant. With the right pair of maternity jeans you can have both comfort and style, to birth and beyond!

Probably watching Netflix.