Dedicated: Small Space of the Week

When you live in a small space, it’s really important to think about going vertical. Vertical storage, vertical mounts, and vertical designs! By vertical, I of course mean use your walls! They’re your best friend in small areas, and can not only add style to your tiny home, but it can add some serious functionality, too!

Small Space of the Week

Contemporary Family Room design by San Francisco Interior Designer Amoroso Design

I wish I didn’t care about TV, but I do. In fact, I have a really nice, um… large one (let the record show that the majority of its size was boyfriend-influenced), and I love to watch horrible things like Duck Dynasty and Paula Deen shows on it. It’s time I admitted to the world that I am not above TV. I try to be ethical, and I try to do good, healthy things for myself – but I have adored television all my life, and it’s at least 50% of the reason I have any personality at all. (Thank you, Daria and Pete & Pete.)

Anyway, back to vertical space. Fortunately, when it comes to things like pictures and shelves, it’s pretty obvious how to utilize vertical space. When it comes to things like televisions, on the other hand… Not as easy. Fortunately, there are people who are already on top of this concept, like Dekomount, who have tons of solutions that will last – aka they’re worth the investment. Not only does mounting a flatscreen television free up tons of surface space, but you can put whatever you want under it! More storage, a bench, some plants… You could even put a clever disguise, if you’re the type who would rather never see (or hear…) your partner’s/roommate’s/own television ever again.

(PS Dekomount also makes some clever television stands that will hide all of the ugly cords that come out of your various gadgets!)