[Dedicated] WYW: Fake Glasses?

Yeah, that’s right. Fake glasses – I approve of them. It ain’t no thang to wear some pretend specs around town if they give you a look you want – why are there so many people who hate this? I have heard more people cry out in “optical accessory appropriation” – or essentially, “people who actually have to wear glasses think that your don’t need them/fake glasses are like, really stupid.”

Well, guess what, punks:

Not Real GlassesThat’s right! I am a faker! These glasses were less than four dollars on Amazon and they are as plastic as this Nalgene bottle I’m drinking out of. I don’t wear contact lenses, these don’t affect my vision at all, and you can clearly see how not-magnified the shape of my face is through the lenses.

I have no shame. These are my favorite accessory and they look smashing with everything. I get laughed at a lot and occasionally scoffed at by a glasses-wearing person, but you’re not better than me, glasses people! You’re not! I am emulating you! I think you’re great. But we are also equal. (Except that I have way better vision than you, sorry, just sayin’.)

What are your thoughts on fake glasses?

Do you support them? Hate them? Have a collection bigger than mine? (Five.) Share in the comments! 

  • Elizabeth

    I guess people who wear glasses are uncomfortable with the idea of others wearing non-prescription glasses because, for them, wearing glasses is not a choice, and your wearing non-prescription glasses is like flaunting that in their face (“Except I have way better vision than you, sorry”). Probably most people who wear glasses have, at some point, wished they didn’t have to, or hated having to. Think about occasionally taking up crutches or a wheelchair because you think it’s stylish, and then getting up on your own two feet when it’s convenient for you. Obviously needing prescription glasses is far less an impediment (and you might argue that it’s so different that the analogy doesn’t hold), but I think the idea is the same. I can understand how it’s kind of insulting.

    • Thanks for the insight! I appreciate your perspective.

      I can see where you’re coming from, but at the same time, there’s kind of a humorous bent to my personal story because I don’t have perfect vision at all – I actually need glasses, but have no insurance and can’t afford them, haha. I am not trying to demean your point of view, I just thought it was funny that your well-thought-out point leads me around to not having the financial status to even get glasses. I really am Broke & Beautiful, I guess!

      Also, what is the position you take on contact lenses? I mean, wearing glasses is ultimately a choice. You sometimes can’t control your ability to see -that’s true. You do control how you repair that, though, and one way is entirely glasses-free.

      The “better vision than you” part was a bad joke, sorry if it offended you! Thanks again for commenting.

  • I was extremely near-sighted until I had laser surgery at the age of forty-seven (best $5000 I ever borrowed). I wish glasses had been more stylish when I was wearing them! I have no problem with their being used as a fashion accessory. As a matter of fact, seeing lots of glasses on fashionable people who don’t have to wear them could make a person who has to wear them less self-conscious. You won’t see me in fake glasses, though. I’m glad to be free of them.

    • Congrats on your beautiful new vision!! :) Definitely understand why you’re not reaching for a pair of fake glasses, haha!

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