Denim Meets Motorcycle

Denim jackets: Obvious. Denim motorcycle jackets: Interesting.

Levi's Denim Biker Jacket, $29.99

Levi’s Coated Denim Biker Jacket, $29.99

Biker jackets are pretty much timeless. So are denim jackets. Why haven’t we been seeing this clever combo for years? 

Denim Motorcycle Jackets from MangoL-R: Mango Light Wash Denim Biker Jacket, $89; Mango Tonal Biker Jacket, $79; Mango Dark Wash Studded Denim Biker Jacket, $89.99. 

These would edge up any outfit, pretty much! Dresses, skater skirts, skinny jeans… Find something that doesn’t look 15% better with a motorcycle jacket over it and I will show you a baffled blogger who would rather be getting coffee than talking about stupid percentages!

Ra-Re Denim Moto JacketRa-Re Stained-Look Denim Jacket, $98

All of these jackets are under $100, but believe me when I say there are some pricey biddies out there – to the tune of $2,000+!! Most are very dramatic with big lapels and tons of leather accents (ew, anyway!). These are perfectly stylish, perfectly versatile and perfectly within budget for a long-lasting jacket!

Another big price tag quality: patterns and colors. Pff – who needs a big, fancy designer to give you that?! We have Kohl’s.

Denim Motorcycle Jackets from KohlsL-R: Rock & Republic Denim Foil Motorcycle Jacket, $29.99; LC Lauren Conrad Dotted Motorcycle Jacket, $40.80; Mudd Geometric Denim Moto Jacket, $39.99

Do you love this style hybrid?

  • Whoa I love the Mango jacket on the right. Unexpected length.