Design Breakdown: Graphic Breakfast Nook (Small Space)

Do you have a breakfast nook? If you don’t think you do, would you know if you did? “Nook” is a word that is really embarrassing to say a lot, but it represents something that’s so cozy and comfortable, it bears repeating, anyway.

The light yellow mixed with the fine black lines of the oversized map print make for a very graphic appearance, but it doesn’t really slap you in the face with its boldness, thanks to all of the white that shows through the intricate patterns. The big white table and modular black chair are really nice with this, too!

This is a kitchen nook in Austin, TX, which was designed by interior designer, Barbara Granett.

Design Breakdown: Where to get it!

This room is shockingly budget-friendly, if you know where to look! You can even some of the exact components for much less than you’d expect!


According to the person who posted this photo on Houzz, that pendant lamp, designed by Jonathan Adler, is only $191! Not bad for a permanent home fixture by a relevant and excellent designer!

Jonathan Adler Capri 1 Pendant Light FixtureJonathan Adler Capri 1 Pendant Lamp in White, $191
If you don’t mind an open box and maybe you like ocean blue or light grey, you can knock $50+ off that with this deal for $143.

This cool light fixture also comes in a bunch of other colors! All solid colors, though I wouldn’t be surprised if patterns were in their future…

Wall Art

Vintage Map Print - Los AngelesLos Angeles Vintage Map Print – 40″ x 50″, $50.80

I’m guessing that enormous map print in the original image is… pretty spendy. Large prints of almost anything are going to be expensive, which is kind of a bummer because a floor-to-ceiling print – especially in black & white – is really striking! That being said, I did manage to scrounge up this cool, vintage print of Los Angeles in 1925! It’s got all the graphic components of the original print, and even a good portion of the size. $50 ain’t so bad!


IKEA Docksta Table

IKEA Docksta Table, $199

A plain white table isn’t hard to find, typically, but the prices can skyrocket based on how “~Design-y~” the store you’re shopping in aspires to be. The store that the original table was in was probably pretty design-ycheck out this $600 model. I can’t tell if that’s it because it looks exactly like the above table from IKEA! Confirmed: that $600 table is a reproduction of one used in the original room – the original table by Eero Saarinin is going for about $1800! If you love the sexy curve of the table in the original room, you definitely want to spring for this IKEA Docksta table for $199!

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Black Modular Dining Chairs, $144.99 for 2

Ronnie Wire Base Black Chairs, $144.99 for 2

There is an entire spectrum of black chairs and black chair philosophy that I did not know about before this post. Wow. Anyway, these chairs are pretty swanky and modern, but still seem comfortable. The set of two is just under $150, and they have insanely good reviews on Overstock! The original chairs are by Donghia and called Anziano chairs. They will run you about $300 each. (If you can find them.)

Ethan HOME Easton Collection Loveseat $199Ethan HOME Easton Collection Beige Loveseat, $199.99

And now, for the grand bench-slash-loveseat-slash chair: it’s not buyable. I know. Shock. Horror. One-of-a-kind pieces are so annoying, aren’t they? There is a silver lining, though! If you’re madly in love with the toile fabric on the bench, it’s only $13.99/yard! Only,” I say, with zero experience buying fabric. I’m not sure exactly how much fabric would be needed to cover the beautiful Ethan Allen loveseat above, which is available for $199.99, but according to my Jack-of-All-Design mother, you’ll need about five yards of fabric, to be safe! (A little extra because you’re working with a pattern, and those need to match up, sometimes! Better to have extra.)

Decor & Tabletop

The little accents of this space really highlight the simplicity by being simple, themselves. Stealing a bit of yellow from the loveseat and applying it to the pitcher was a really adorable idea, and keeping the rest of the tabletop items clean and white really helps the colors pop. If you get a loveseat with a different fabric, just use one of the colors in your fabric, instead!

I am also a big fan of having both living plants and bread on your kitchen table, so get those things and put them there.

 Terramoto Ceramic Striped Pitcher, $36.28

Woven Tray

Michel Design Works Rattan Tray, $31.23

Crate & Barrel Bennett CupCrate & Barrel Bennett Cup, $9.95