Dining With Ikat

Recently, my Craigslist-scouting mother found the perfect dining room table for my apartment. It seats six, comfortably… but extend the two 20″ leaves of the table on either side, and all of a sudden, you’re seating 10-12!

2013 is maybe going to be the year of entertaining. (Do you like that high-level commitment?) I’ve got a table, four mismatched chairs, and a two forks and two spoons…Rock.

The last thing I’m worried about is mismatched stuff. I never want a cabinet full of matching dishes – ever! I think that’s so boring, and besides there are so many cool patterns and designs out there, why limit myself? I can find patterns and colors that look good together, and I’ve always thought “look good with” was better than “matching.”

C Wonder Ikat DIning Set

…Enter green Ikat ceramic dinnerware with gold rims. Meow.

I’m feel excited and happy just from looking at this set! The “cereal bowl,” the plates… My favorite detail on the entire set is those slick gold rims. It takes it from “cute contemporary design” to “whoa that’s glitzy” and I love a little bit of glitzy in my everything.

The Green Ikat Ceramic Dinnerware set includes:

  • Ikat Dinner Plate: $14
  • Ikat Salad Coupe: $12
  • Ikat Cereal Bowl: $10
  • Ikat Coffee Mug: $10

The cool thing about doing the “mix&match” dinnerware thing is – you can afford those “expensive” bowls & plates! You only need to buy two or four in order for it to make sense in your collection (and I use the word “need” very loosely), so what only was a towering stack of individual charges is a few high quality, well-designed pieces that you’ll have for years. (Also a very cool and unique/useful gift to give someone!)

  • I am digging the pattern and color here, not to mention the low low price point. what is not to love? 2013 is definitely my year for entertaining. I think I am nesting in my old age (yikes) and I prefer having people over rather than restaurant dinner parties.

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