Dream Outfit: Graphic Green & Typographic Shorts

If I owned any of this, it’d be safe to say I’d be living in it. I’m not a “shorts and tights” person, but I’m a “leggings and mini skirt” person and I feel like it’s almost a lateral move…? I have lots of tights, and because I’m cheap as !#^@, I turn all old jeans into cutoffs of some kind or another. There’s no harm in trying it in the privacy and protection of my own home, right?

Maybe I’ll livetweet it.

Dream Outfit: Bold Kelly Green & Typography Short

Clockwise, from top left:

Wallis Black & Ivory Ombre Sweater, $49

This choice was inspired by the fact that all of the windows in my apartment are drafty, and when you’re on the top floor of a 110 year old brick building – that is a little chilly. I am constantly wishing for a closet full of sweaters like this one.

Ten Out Of Tent Jacket in Grass, $$31.99

Faux fur hoods & collars on coats are one of my oldest weaknesses. I’ve had the eye since I was about 13, and it hasn’t calme down even a bit. Mixing faux fur with this really vivid, kelly green makes for a really uplifting winter coat!

Madden Girl Snappiee Boots in Brown, $49.99

These are the most perfect, only-slightly-western-style boots I have found! Lots of people want the edge of a cowgirl without the… rest of the cowgirl. The boot-pulls and dip in the front of the shaft really make these feel farm-y, but with city materials and a super versatile shape.

J. Jill Opaque Black Tights, $12.80

These are black tights. Everyone has some. If you don’t, there’s a pair at J. Jill for $12.80.

MOTO Letter Print Hotpants, $64

Something called “hotpants” in the same post as “here is this sweater I want because I am COLD ALL THE TIME” – what kind of sense does that make? It doesn’t, quit trying to force it and look at how awesome these shorts are.


Probably watching Netflix.

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