#FabFound: Lilac Grey Jeans & Faux Leather Tee

In true obsessive form, seeing a pair of pastel jeans at Marshalls definitely fit into my quest for fabulous. On top of the fact that they’re camoflauge leggings – basically pajamas, translated literally into street-wear.

Another day, another gratuitous photo of my ice cream maker. Let the jealousy wash over you.

Lilac Grey Jeans from Marshalls

 Lilac Jeggings, $19.99; Faux-leather Sleeve T-shirt, $10 (clearance, baby!)

The jeggings are more of a grey-lilac color, but nevertheless – they are awesome. They work as a neutral, or they work as their own statement – just depends on how you wear them, right? They don’t have front pockets – as most jeggings don’t – but the back pockets are perfectly useable! Ultra soft and ultra stretchy (could-do-yoga-in-them-stretchy), I’m pretty sure that these are going to be a well-used closet addition!

Then we have the olive green t-shirt with the faux-leather sleeves. I’m pretty convinced that this goes with everything. It definitely makes whatever I’m wearing look a little bit more “tough,” thanks to the rock & roll details. I could see it going well with the right floral, though, too! Or just grey-ish purple jeggings and some under-appreciated heels. That’s good, too.

Plus: Again, under $20. I didn’t realize until I got home that all of my purchases were items under $20. Budget-friendly? Budget-friendly.

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Fabulous #3: Sheer Utility Shirt
Fabulous #4: Lavender Jeggings & Faux Leather Sleeve Tee
Fabulous #5: ???

Tomorrow’s “fabulous” is going to be cool. Cool, you guys.
It’s a hint.

Yeah. Cool. [You will never guess it, ahahahaha.]

[Full disclosure. Marshalls provided a gift card for this adventure but they’d be crazy to try to influence my style or opinions! Those are 100% my own.]