#FabFound: Silk Pajama Shirt

Yesterday, I informed you that Marshalls had sent me on a quest to “find my fabulous,” and we even deduced that Lindsay’s fabulous is a balanced combination of affordable, comfortable and beautiful. Today’s conquest involved a bit more… literal interpretation of my fabulous.

You know how I said I need my clothes to be like stylish pajamas? Well…

Silk Pajama Shirt

Silk pajama shirt, $19.99 

I found my new favorite shirt.

It’s not too literal, shut up. It’s a perfect marriage of literal interpretation and workable style. I can definitely confirm that this shirt feels exactly like pajamas. It’s just as comfortable, just as silky, and just as luxurious (without all the “paying for it” parts). Another find under $20? Life’s rough.

Maria Menounos, actress most commonly known for a) being a babe b) her work as an entertainment & lifestyle correspondant for Extra, Access Hollywood and Today, has also jumped on the Marshalls bandwagon. I always get excited when celebrities proudly represent a company that’s known for off-price shopping. (Here is a refresher on Marshalls and what “off-price” means!)

If my quest for fabulous bores you, then absolutely check out the video for some of Maria Menounos’ favorite Marshalls finds. In case you’re curious, here is a big ol’ list of some of her favorite things – complete with prices!

Maria-Menounos-Picks-Marshalls-2 Maria-Menounos-Picks-Marshalls

What will tomorrow’s “fabulous” be? Stay tuned!

Fabulous #1: Neon Orange Oxfords
Fabulous #2: Silk Pajama Shirt
Fabulous #3: ???
Fabulous #4: ???
Fabulous #5: ???

[Full disclosure: Marshalls provided a gift card for this adventure, but they’d be crazy to try to influence my style or opinions! Those are 100% my own.]

Probably watching Netflix.

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