#FabFound: Sheer Utility Shirt from Marshalls

Compared to my “Quest for Fabulous,” my quest for timeless, high-quality basics feels endless. I, fortunately for my bank account, will happily and tirelessly search for the perfect balance of quality and affordability if it means taking weeks or even years to obtain. Yeah, I get a little intense about it, okay?

Once I started seeing sheer, utility shirts (they always remind me of the shirts that zoo employees wear… but nicer?) on bloggers and then in stores, I knew I probably was going to have to have one of those, please. I first started seeing them in olive green, and then dark purple, then pastels… Now, there is a utility shirt for just about every color of the rainbow.

I saw most of that rainbow at Marshalls, making me both terribly excited and terribly anxious over the choice I would undoubtedly have to make.

Naturally, I chickened out and went with a cream-white. Later, I applauded myself for getting such a versatile color, but also kicked myself for not getting something a bit more obnoxious.

Sheer Utility Shirt from Marshalls

Sheer white utility shirt: $19.99

It’s so lightweight and loose that I have a hard time not throwing it on top of whatever pajamas I have on when I get up in the morning and calling it a day. Affordable, comfortable, and beautiful? Yeah, I think this one fits!

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Fabulous #3: Sheer Utility Shirt
Fabulous #4: ???
Fabulous #5: ???

Two more discoveries to go before the quest is done!

[Full disclosure: Marshalls provided a gift card for this adventure, but they’d be crazy to try to influence my opinions or style! All of that is my own.]