Fall: It’s Finally Okay to Look At Tights Again

Prior to September 1st, looking at tights was as laughable as wearing pants inside your own home on a 90ºF day. Yeah, ridiculous.

But now that it seems Seattle’s Weather Technician has been busy at Bumbershoot over the last few days, because it forgot it was September until today. Our weekend was blisteringly hot (80ºF – I don’t want to hear it, Arizona) and for the last 24 hours, it’s been grey & raining. Good ol’ Pacific Northwest, we can always count on you to remove the sugar-coating from seasonal changes.

Then, I posted about those leather shorts that I’m clearly not done talking about, and on one of the ModCloth models, there were tights. Tights with hearts on the knees. Would I ever wear those? No, probably not, but I like them enough that it bunson-burner’d my passion for fall clothing… and tights. (This post is about tights, FYI.)

So here are some meshy leg coverings (insecure about the number of times I’ve said t-i-g-h-t-s in this post) that I’m really, really into right now.

Decorative Fall Tights from ASOS

L-R: Emilio Cavellini Mock Lace Tights, $20.25; ASOS Cat Suspender Tights, $13.50; Emilio Cavellini 60s Print Tights, $23.63

I found the above at ASOS and love each pair for very different reasons.

Namely, the reason I like the first pair (“Mock Lace” which I don’t get, but whatever) is because they remind me of the pattern I saw on a pair of Seven For All Mankind jeans from a Daily Deal. It’s more of a deco print, to me, but I’ll accept “mock lace” if I get to wear them (…and not call them “mock lace”).

The second pair are obviously the best pair. I always get annoyed when tights and stockings have that garish seam at the top – putting kitty ears there certainly makes me not give a shit about it showing – success! Miniskirts, ahoy!

The third pair is just crazy, and I feel like it would make any boring, grey, wool dress into something super interesting! I get scared at the thought of trying to wear these with open-toe shoes, though… I’d stick to closed, if I were you!

ASOS 200 Denier Tights

Gipsy 200 Denier Tights, $15.19

These are 200 denier tights. That means they can essentially block out the sun if you were sitting on it, as far as thickness is concerned. 200 denier tights are about as opaque as you can get!

Topshop Tights

L-R: Navy Jacquard Tights, $20; Black Ditsy Floral Tights, $18; Berry Lightweight Waffle Tights, $16; Black Bird Over Knee Tights, $16

I can always count on TopShop to have a cool selection of tights at decent prices. I’m loathe to spend more than $10 on anything, but for a pair of those baroque-y tights or those ditsy floral tights (it looks like they’re floating – I dig it), I’d shell out just past $10 if I promised myself that I’d hand-wash them & make them last. They seem pretty worth it. See also: more that’s-supposed-to-be-there animal silhouettes!

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ModCloth Fall Tights

L-R: A Tale of New Tights, $29.99; You Lead The Way Tights, $19.99; Starlet of The Show Tights, $17.99; Intergalactic Odyssey Tights, $34.99

Oooh, ModCloth. You is so expensive, but you is so full of pretty tights. I particularly love the star print tights (the stars, themselves, are fishnet!) and the toile-patterned tights on the left, which seem more like footie-leggings – so okay with that.

Bring it on, fall! I will mock you with my shorts and skirts. My fall/winter uniform is almost complete. All that’s left is boots…

  • Oh my god those cat tights though. They’re just a bit too twee for my taste and I wouldn’t wear them much but oh my gosh want want want.

    I’m slowly easing back into the pants game and these make everything easier. Do you have any recommendations for gravity-defying sweater tights? I’m a pain in the ass because while I have a severe dislike of the aproaching cold weather, I don’t go for pants unless they feel like pajamas basically (jeans/stretch skinnies in the cold/in the morning are the bane of my existence BECAUSE THEY FEEL WET) but I hate the saggy ankles that come with nice warm sweater tights D:

    • Yeah as far as twee goes… it’s pretty damn twee. I almost put up some ultra-grandma’s-floral tights up but I have my twee-limiits, too, haha.

      SWEATER TIGHTS, I KNOW, RIGHT? I am always looking for a pair that won’t make me look like a 6 year old girl at school when they sag down. I will keep an eye out as I start to collect sweater tights. I’m not a big fan of control top, but I am a big fan of the top being… where it’s supposed to be.

      Honestly… I wear sweater leggings because I hate the bunching and I hate the dance that comes with readjusting tights for 15 minutes after every time you pee (and I drink a lot of coffee). BUT I WILL FIND YOU SWEATER TIGHTS THAT DON’T SUCK.

  • I want all of the tights! Ugh now I just want it to be cool enough to wear them. They’re probably my favorite thing about fall fashion. And winter too…So many cool pairs!

    • Leggings, tights, sweaters and boots are literally my FAVORITE PART about fall coming. Pretty convenience since you just add a cheap old H&M skirt and you’ve got my daily uniform. Cozy > hot & sweaty any day.

  • It was 80 degrees here today, too. Apparently Boston didn’t get the, “You stupid idiot, it’s fall according to marketers! Get cold now!”

    I will regret saying that in December.

    Just kidding, Boston!

    • Yeah, why doesn’t the weather/rest of the world just go by retail seasons? It would make getting dressed SO much easier.

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