From The Sale Section: On-Trend Shoes at ASOS

Don’t you love it when you take a peek into the sale section, only to find that there are plenty of current-season-applicable styles available? Like finding clearance sandals in the summertime, or knee-high leather boots in the fall – it’s like a little gift from Shopping God.

The only other scenario that’s comparable with its greatness is when you find exciting, fresh-out-of-the-magazine-editorial¬†styles marked way, way down for… whatever reason, it doesn’t really matter.

Such was the case when I perused (read: memorized) the mid-season sale at ASOS where you’ll find items for up to 70% off. I found incredible deals on shoes that I’ve been hunting down for weeks! The best part? Not outside of budget at all.

Here are my picks from the ASOS Mid-Season Sale!

Current Shoe Trends at ASOS Mid-Season Sale

Left to right, row by row

Low Ankle Boots

New Look Cowgirl 2 Western Boots, $27.43
I’ve been seeing low ankle boots everywhere – even my sister showed up to lunch in a new pair, which my Mom and I both drooled over (and possibly on…). My favorite styles that I’ve seen stop just above the ankle bone with a 2.5″ heel, or so. Super comfortable and super flattering with skinny jeans.

Silver Oxfords

ASOS MOMENT Metallic Flat Shoes, $34.91 
Silver as a neutral has been one of my favorite ideas for a long time, and these days, it seems to be catching on. I think these oxfords are the perfect way to be bold, but controlled – not too overwhelming.

Neon Flat Sandals

London Rebel Leather Flat Sandal, $46.55
I was in New York City a month ago, and I saw more pairs of neon yellow shoes in three days than I have in the last decade. People are loving these brights!

Rock & Roll Heels

Blink Satin Sandal With Gems, $49.88
It’s beyond my control – I love tough-chick accessories. The big, black gems on these make them both super-glam and super-badass.

Wedge Sneakers

ASOS DENY Wedge High Top Sneakers With Suede, $69.83
These are a little on the higher end of the price scale, but I can’t resist wedge sneakers – I’ve tried (and failed). These are not-quite-white and mix sporty with suede perfectly.

See-Through (& Minty!) Flats

Park Lane Leather Flat Pumps, $46.55
An accidental two-fer! Mint is still a huge color, and this clear plastic accessories are being called “spring must-haves” everywhere I look. I am still warming up to the idea, but the price cut certainly helps…

Cap-toe Pointy Flats

Timeless Nigel Toe Cap Shoes, $26.60
Pointy-toes on shoes is a great way to make your legs look longer and to frighten off potential enemies. These metallic cap-toes add some extra badassery (see a pattern here? Good, keep reading).

Studded Slippers

London Rebel Studded Slipper, $36.58
Another trend I’m still kind of warming up to: slippers. Studs, I can absolutely get behind – slippers… eh, we’re working on it.

Check out the rest of the sale here!

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