Giveaway: Wooed by Wood Sustainable Sunglasses

Giveaways are awesome and they always make me feel good, but when the giveaway is also an ethical fashion product – that feels even better. This time around, we partnered with San Francisco’s WOOED by Wood Sunglasses that will make you feel like a environmentally-conscious badass and a babe! Each pair is made from sustainably grown & harvested wood.

WOOED by wood sunglasses

I’m a big lover of sustainable fashion, and try my absolute best to be mindful of my consumption, so when companies like WOOED by Wood come around – it’s like a tiny downhill section of a big uphill battle. I love it when a brand isn’t afraid to go the extra mile to be ethical!

Most of our wood sunglasses are created from a variety of reclaimed woods including Rosewood, Cocobolo, Padauk, Black Walnut and Zebra wood. Each piece of wood has unique texture, consistency, pattern and fragrance. It’s not until we start working with each piece of wood that its inner beauty is unveiled.

You know their product has to be good because they have a borderline-romantic relationship with their materials.

WOOED by Wood Limón Sunglasses

The WOOED by Wood Limón Sunglasses have a gorgeous, weathered texture and I love how the grain of the wood is easily visible. This shape is one of my favorites because it’s almost universally flattering, and makes me feel like a bombshell.

WOOED by Wood Limon Sunglasses

Because each pair of sunnies is crafted from real pieces of wood, the aesthetic details of each pair will be completely unique to its owner! Different pieces have different grain patterns and color variations which make for a really beautiful and head-turning pair of shades.

On top of the sustainable harvesting, handcrafting, and eye-protecty goodness of WOOED by Wood’s offerings, they also plant a tree for every pair purchased. New sunglasses and a baby tree, all in one!

Want some WOOED by Wood Sunglasses for free?

You’re in luck. Enter below to win the WOOED by Wood Limón Sunglasses (retail: $95).

On the off-chance you’d like to take out some insurance and just buy a pair, they’ve offered up a 10% off coupon code, just for you!

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