Glamour x Very: Chiffon & A High Neck [REVIEW]

Have you been hearing buzz about the “British Invasion” of retail brands? One of those included in said “invasion” (and it really is a sweeping takeover of affordable fashion) is Aside from having an impressively inexpensive catalogue of their own, they’re into partnering with outside brands to come up with cool, capsule collections – sound familiar? (It’s a bit of a thing these days…)

GLAMOUR x Very Chiffon Top recently decided to pair up with Glamour Magazine’s editor, Jo Alvin, to come up with a timeless, every-girl-needs-one collection of 12 closet staples.

Such staples include a tweed biker jacket, the shirt I’m wearing above, a onesie yes a onesie, and a neon pink tutu. Obviously.

Once I saw the color palette of the collection – neutral, cool tones with soft pinks – I knew I was going to be tempted. Fortunately, invited me to a Very.Cool.Hangout with the editors of Glamour (which I sadly had to miss), and also gave me an opportunity to try out two (I know, I am spoiled) pieces from the collection.

Feeling a little bit funky and brave, I sprung for this dusty pink, chiffon top with organza trim ($33.28 it’s on sale right now!). The neck is high and the style is conservative. Sometimes, I don’t even recognize myself. Next time it’d be nice to not recognize myself because I looked so much like Mila Kunis.

Today, I just wore a style I don’t usually wear. Sigh.



The construction of the shirt seems really solid. As you can see, it comes with a light pink camisole. I get really nervous when cami-included shirts sew the camisole into the overlay top, so I was extremely pleased to see that this top has the clever string-around-the-strap, snapping mechanism. That makes laundry easier, and also my anger management tools when I’m trying to put the damn thing on.

Snap In Camisole

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I don’t usually wear things with such a high neck, but this made me feel like one of those Tumblr girls. I feel at once free-spirited and better than everyone. It’s a good feeling.

How does that neck stay so high?, you’re all asking. Check out this keyhole back, with neck-button:

Glamour x Chiffon Top back

Nice, right?

I thought so.

As for being ~critical~, the only thing I feel compelled to mention is that this shirt may not be the best for busty chicks. The organza panel in the front is really adorable, but the only reason it’s flat against my chest is Fashion Tape. I don’t have a problem with taping things to my boobs – never have – so it’s not super bothersome to me. That being said, I do wonder if I’m ever going to spontaneously Hulk out and rip the shirt while I’m putting it on.

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I have it tucked into a skirt for these photos (my other choice from the Glamour x collection! You’ll see it soon.) and I’m probably only going to wear it with similar high-waisted bottoms. Because of the girls, the length of the top is somewhat compromised. Still gorgeous, just a bit too short for non-tucked-in applications. I like the shirt I have, but next time I would probably go a size up. (Fortunately, has an moderately accommodating size range of  8-20!)

Glamour x Chiffon Organza top

Check out the rest of the collection here!

More Self-Indulgence

It’s tough to see in those photos, but I am also wearing my Staghead locket ring from Classic Hardware.

Staghead Locket Ring

It was designed by Hannah Aitchison who is a tattoo artist (and if you are a reality TV addict like me, you will recognize her from LA Ink!).


Staghead Ring by Hannah Aitchison at Classic Hardware

Classic Hardware Locket Ring with Design by Hannah Aitchison, $38