H&M Drinks Online Shopping Kool-Aid

How long have we been promised this? How long have the rumors been circulating and morphing and recirculating? Years. Now, the time is finally upon on and, yes, I’ve double-checked three times to make sure that it’s not a joke or a hallucination…

H&M now sells online in the United States.

H&M Shop Online

It’s very real, and it’s very new, and it’s very available right now. Do not adjust your monitors.

H&M launched online shopping for the US-based population last Thursday, and I’ve been camping on the site ever since then. For those of you who are (for some reason) unaware of H&M’s glory – please hold on to something as you continue to read this post.

H&M has received a lot of flack for the whole “fast fashion” aspect of their business model, but honestly – I have H&M clothes that feel exponentially higher in quality than things I’ve purchased from other, more “reputable” establishments like Gilt, Target – even Macy’s & Nordstrom!

Their prices are extremely low (which translates to “fair” if you’re a Broke Girl), and the inventory is bountiful. They update their stock regularly, so there’s plenty of current, accessible styles that will make you feel like a superhero. Other people feel that way when they buy something new, right? Superhero? No? Ok.

On top of the economic goodness, they are also a fan of designer collaborations. Some of the brilliant designers hey’ve paired up include Lanvin, Marni, Maison Martin Margiela, and most recently, Isabel Marant – aka Queen of Wedge Sneakers.

Need more? Well, I’ve got it. If you’re a fan of ethical fashion, you’ll be very interested in H&M’s economic, socio/enviro-political awareness and their lovely Conscious Collection (also available online!). They are the number one user of organic cotton worldwide, donate tons of garments to charitable causes, and proudly employ a staff comprised of 74% ladies, aw yeah. Ladies.

So there’s a handful of reasons that I totally advocate shopping at H&M. Yep, totally do. Now that it’s online, the flood gates of eWindowShopping have opened, and I have come up with a sizable wish list. (Sure, there’s a H&M within 2 miles of me, but I’d rather do this in my pajamas, thanks.)

First thing’s first: the skirts I’m addicted to.

H&M Jersey Shirt, $5.95

Short Jersey Skirt, $5.95

Yes, this skirt. In the store, they have a wall full of colors and patterns to choose from, but online it seems that they only have a sparse handful. These skirts are worth their weight in gold (which isn’t much gold – I mean, it’s a jersey skirt, not chain mail), and at $5.95 each, there’s no reason not to stock up. I wear mine over tights and leggings in the winter, and it feels like pajamas. 100% pajama.

Now, onto the rest of my wish list:

H&M Wish List

1. Sleeveless Feather Print Blouse, $9.95
2. Imitation Leather Biker Jacket in Burgundy, $49.95
3. Imitation Leather Skirt, $24.95
4. Waxed Stretch Pants, $34.95
5. Chiffon Dress, $29.95
6. Textured Peplum Top, $34.95

 What’s the first thing you’re going to scope out on H&M.com?

Probably watching Netflix.

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