How The Internet: Makes Sneakers Look Grown-Up

Anyone can wear sneakers – sure! You wear them when you go running, you wear them when you have to deep clean your bathroom, you wear them when you really, really need Doritos at 4am. You know how to do that.

…But now they’re all trendy. Now people are wearing them and making them look good. Now, your favorite bloggers are obsessed with sneakers, and that raises the bar.

Converse are an old familiar, and I never tire of seeing their classic, little rubber caps at the end of my feet. Never! That being said, the low-top style is one of the most easy-to-wear shoes in history, but sadly isn’t the direction the sneaker wave is running right now.

How to make sneakers look chic

Hi-tops. Wedges. Luxurious fabrics in street-wear styles. These are the kinds of things that everyone from clubby woo girls to fashion editors are clamoring for and – while that’s no reason to love them – it certainly increases their variety & availability! The more variety, the better, in my opinion. (Especially since I’m not interested in Isabel Marant knockoffs, thank you.)

How to make fashion sneakers look chic

I have a pair of high-tops (two, actually!) that I really adore (well, I adore one pair, I kind of resent and loathe the other? I couldn’t really say why). I wear them mostly with dark blue skinny jeans and jeggings.

long for new ways to show off my kicks, though! They’re s vibrant and suede-y, that teal & blue really pops, and the only other pants I’ve worn them with are my new, fire-engine-red lounge pants – also fabulous, but not great for lunch dates.

How to wear sneakers without sacrificing your “adult” club membership card:

From the inspiration photos in the gallery above, I have deduced the following:

  • Hi-top and wedge sneakers look as good with bare legs as they do with skinny pants.
  • Going monochromatic from head to toe makes for a bold but really wearable statement outfit.
  • Black wedge sneakers are about as versatile as a pair of black flats!

Sneaker freak out

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