How The Internet Wears: Sheer

Sheer fabric, sheer mesh, sheer everything – it’s another style that doesn’t seem to fade with time, yet has tiny moments of glory throughout history. Notoriously sexy, ironically demure, and versatile enough to fit into everything from preppy to goth-y.

I am a big fan of things that are see-through.  I can’t help it! I think that good sheer material falls really nicely and can really help define your shape in a way that doesn’t feel like it needs the label “BODY CONSCIOUS” on the tag. Like the perfect pair of black flats, handful of good basics done in a sheer fabric will last you a long time.

PS – If “long time” sounds good to you, please handwash, thanks.

How To Wear: Sheer

How To Wear Sheer 2

How To Wear: Sheer

How To Wear: Sheer

How To Wear Sheer

How To Wear Sheer

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How do you wear sheer?

Lindsay Ginn

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  • Sigh. No wonder you liked that jellyfish top. 🙂


      • Actually I’d wear the shit out of that burgundy trousers outfit.

        • Yeahhhh, see, you can’t h8 the sheer. <3