I’m Wearing: Black, White & Red All Over

Remember that joke? Where you could never tell if the person asking was going to answer with something like “a melted crayon on a newspaper!” or “a dead cat in a microwave!”? Charming. Charming enough to use as the title of this post, at the very least.

Leather Sleeve Boucle Sweater

boohoo was kind enough to send me some pieces from their fall line to play with for a few weeks – this was one of my favorite items, hands down.

This is a boucle “waterfall cardigan” with faux leather sleeves. It’s an odd combo, leather and sweater, especially when it’s hard to tell if it’s an outerwear-worthy piece or not. I’m pleased to tell you that, depending on where you live, it could easily be either. It’s warm enough to make your body a different temperature than whatever room temperature is, but it’s also light and thin enough to fit underneath an overcoat.

Faux Leather & Boucle Sweater

Faux Leather Sleeve Boucle Sweater

The combination of super soft sweater and slick, tough leather makes me really happy. In the monochrome black & white, it makes me feel half like a fancy Chanel lady, and half like a saucy biker chick. A fine cocktail of a woman, that would be.

Also, pockets.

Faux Leather Sleeved Boucle Sweater

This super-striking red dress is just a basic midi-dress I got from Madison Plus.

It’s a little big on me, but it is so unbelievably soft and comfortable this way, I’d be tempted to order it in a size or two larger intentionally if the shoulders weren’t threatening to slip off!

Leather Sleeve Sweater & Red Midi Dress

The length is perfect, though, and the shape is one of my favorites. I can’t get over how exciting this color is, either! Such a perfect red.

Red Midi Dress & Faux Leather Sleeve Sweater

I added a belt to assist in breaking up that big, solid block of red. I had a thicker one on before, but it looked… not good. Sometimes, they’re right when they say that curvy chicks should err on the side of a thinner belt! I hate admitting when fashion magazines are right. It makes me grumpy.

Lilly Printed Heels from Boohoo

Those shoes, though. Another boohoo find: The Lilly Heels in black.

The way the back goes up the ankle just a little bit… It’s all so scandalous. My mom tried these on and I’m pretty sure she considered walking out the door with them… They look amazing with everything, and manage the balance between graphic & neutral really well.

Baroque Necklace & Boucle Sweater

I am mean-muggin’ all over this post.

The necklace I’m wearing may look familiar to you because I posted about it a few months ago. Still enamored, still finding new ways to wear it. You guys should see it with my fur-collar coat! It makes me look like some kind of rich, mean person.

That’s what I wore!

Probably watching Netflix.

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