I’m Wearing: Denial

Okay, so I know I’ve been talking up a big storm about fall and how great it’s going to be and how awesome leaves are and whatnot… But the truth is: I’m conflicted. I don’t know whether to start ordering hot coffee or pulling out my expansive jacket collection. September, this is too hard! One day, it’s gusty – the next, it’s 85ºF.

Today, I decided to rebel.

Duo Wedges Midi Skirt Outfit

I rebelled so hard, I showed midriff. I have never done this in my life and it was scary. But also awesome. The above photo reflects my conflict. Do you see?

Okay, regular ordinary Broke Lindsay time:

Midi Skirt Outfit

I’d apologize for the state of my hair, but this is what it looks like every day, and it’s pretty much the best it can be. Seriously, check my other outfit posts if you don’t believe me.

Midriff & Midi Skirt

Spooky! And ghostly… At least you can tell the difference between the shirt and my skin. That’s all I really need, here.

The midi skirt is from Boohoo – it was only $12! It’s super stretchy, really form-fitting and long enough to be a high-waisted pencil skirt, or a natural-waist midi skirt. As you can see, I was all over the high-waist (your girl’s got some stretch marks she needs to make peace with, you know what I mean?) but I can’t wait to wear it with patterned tights in the winter.

This isn’t really similar to anything I’ve worn in the past, and it all started with these glasses:

Retro Glasses & Midi Skirt Outfit

My ears are up to a 8g! Slowly but surely. (I’m stretching them myself.)

My love for glasses runs deep, and how I left these sitting by their lonesome for so long… I am unsure. I wish I could remember where I got them, but all I remember is that they were $4. $4! They aren’t prescription (of course) but they are really awesome.

Duo Wedges + Midi Skirt Outfit

Duo Wedges + Midi Skirt Outfit

And onto my new favorite things: these wedges from Duo Boots.

They sent me these perfectly-constructed wedges shortly after my Monday Wedgie featuring a similar look. I jumped at the opportunity to review them because their materials were high-quality and they had the exact look of the shoes I had been smitten over. They’re simple, but interesting. I love the hardware on the ankle strap/wrap. It’s just oversized enough that it makes me feel like it’s a feature instead of just a utility.

I’ll miss the adventurous edge of summer… But I think after today, I’m a little bit closer to being ready to layer it on. Having two thin pieces of fabric between you and the rest of the world (only in select areas, mind you) really makes you aware of… temperature, among other things (i.e. gusts of wind, creepy old men, being backlit, etc.), but I cannot wait to transition these pieces to the colder months. Bring it on!

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Shirt: Marshalls, $12.99 (previously seen here)
Skirt: Boohoo, $12
Shoes: Duo Boots (c/0)