I’m Wearing: Potential Party Pants (with RetailMeNot)

What better way to represent the Pacific Northwest than by photographing an outfit in the middle of a storm? Aren’t you impressed at my good timing and judgement? I know.

I’ve talked about RetailMeNot before because… obviously. They are a site that has one job: to give people as many discounts as possible, as easily as possible. I can tell you with complete honest that I never buy something online without using RetailMeNot. Knowing that there was a coupon for something I bought, and I didn’t use it… that’s a feeling I never want to experience again.

So, the team at The Real Deal, RetailMeNot’s awesome lifestyle magazine, asked me to create my dream party outfit for less than $150 as part of their Holiday Fashion Challenge, and save as much money as possible by using their veritable internet vat of coupons. Dream come true, right?

Well, I did it, and I did it for under $100.

Purple Chiffon Peplum Top & Damask Brocade Pants

…$87, to be more specific. I beelined for two of my favorite clearance sections, in order to maximize my loot.

I wanted to create an outfit that followed all of my wardrobe rules (must be able to be worn with other things, include at least one pajama element, etc.) but also had a more formal flare to it. Comprised of things that weren’t just comfortable, but that were also kind of fancy. Something I could wear to a swanky bar to meet with friends, or somewhere similar where jeggings are a bit too obvious to pull off.

Purple Chiffon Peplum Top & Damask Brocade Pants

These brocade pants definitely make me feel fancy. They are embossed and fit like cigarette pants, so I feel pretty important when I wear them. Pretty. Important.

Purple Chiffon Peplum Top

The lace peplum top is a total risk for me. A chiffon, midriff-baring (sorta – the peplum is sheer), sleeveless, hi-low top. What? Honestly, I was dead set on getting something purple because I feel like it’s an extremely elegant color that lends itself well to holidays, as well as any other time of the year. It’s wonderfully constructed, and has a side-zip so you don’t have to mess with any annoying elastic bands that slide everywhere. The embroidery on the top is beautiful, and surprisingly… it’s got pajama-feel. Definitely easier to wear than I expected.

Purple Chiffon Peplum Top & Damask Brocade Pants

The entire back is sheer, too! Something I’ve definitely never gravitated towards but this shirt had me hypnotized. I’m lucky that I really don’t care about visible bra parts, so this is exactly how I would (and did) wear it in public.

And the boots. Can we just take a moment?

Gold Metal Tip Ankle Boots

These are by Rock & Republic from their collection at Kohl’s. I have been ogling metal-tip boots for weeks and weeks, when the opportunity for me to snag these arose – I couldn’t help myself. I got an insane deal on them, too!

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The Goods

Time to break down the crazy deals I got on these pieces.

From Target: 

Purple Lace Peplum Tank
Original Price: $24.99
Purchase Price: $19.99 (with $5 off coupon code from RetailMeNot)

Jacquard Ankle Pants
Original Price: $27.99
Purchase Price: $27.99

+ Additional code for free shipping over $50

Total: $47.98

From Kohl’s:

Rock & Republic Metal Toe Ankle Boots
Original Price: $89.99
Sale Price: $44.99
Purchase Price: $38.24 (+15% off code from RetailMeNot)

Total for everything: $86.22
Total amount saved: $56.75

Can you believe that? My savings were over half of the total cost of my outfit! This is why I love RetailMeNot, and this is why one of my most frequently used phrases is, “See if there’s a coupon for that!”

To cap off my dream outfit, I threw on a peacoat that my Mom got me for Christmas! It’s by Anne Klein, and it’s the best winter coat ever.

Ruffled Pea Coat & Damask Brocade Pants

Have you ever used coupon codes from RetailMeNot?

What was your experience like? How much did you save?

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by RetailMeNot, but all opinions are my own.