I’m Wearing: Stripes & A Puff Ball

Sounds like an amazing burlesque costume, but it’s not. It would actually be an awful burlesque costume – there are no rip-away snaps or things to unlace. I’m not even wearing stockings. My shoes are sneakers, for goodness’ sake.

The real story is that this fabulously voluminous skirt is from Very.co.uk (& their collaboration with Glamour) and is called the Puffball skirt. Accurate, yes?

Puffball Skirt - Broke And Beautiful

Puffball Skirt - Broke And Beautiful

You can’t see it too well in the photos, but the skirt has several pleats all the way around, and a bubble hem at the bottom. It’s a pretty intense skirt – it feels more intense than it looks, though. I can verify that now, post-photo. When you’re wearing it, it feels like you’re wearing a tutu, but it translates to a shape that pretty recognizable and not overly dramatic.

Puffball Skirt - Broke & Beautiful

Puffball Skirt - Broke And Beautiful

The shirt is an organic cotton top from ZARA – I snagged it the week that ZARA was available for shopping online. Couldn’t help myself! It was $10 and organic cotton! Who could blame me?

I’ve been living in these shoes lately:

Wedge Sneakers by Candie's

Candie's Wedge Sneakers - Broke And Beautiful

Insanely comfortable, I totally ran in them, and they make me feel 500% more badass than I do in regular sneakers. There’s no shame in my wedge sneaker game.

Top: ZARA Organic Cotton Striped Shirt, $16.90
Skirt: Very.co.uk x GLAMOUR Puffball Skirt, $41.13
Shoes: Candie’s Wedge Sneakers via Kohl’s, $39.99