Instagram -> Magnets!

Ok, some of the people who don’t use Instagram still think it’s photographs of your friend’s BLT or your cousin’s duckface. That’s fine, we don’t want to see what they look like on Christmas morning, either.

The truth is that Instagram – despite it’s communication errors and Facebook ownership – has encouraged people to document their lives in a way they probably wouldn’t have, people love Instagram, some people even buy Instagram likes, just for the sake of it. They introduced a social platform that turned a phone into a memory-keeper, family photo album, and magical remote control that sends images all of your social networks at once. And that’s pretty cool.


Some of my favorite pictures & memories from my Instagram accounts, @themissile.

Stickygram is a company that will turn your best Instagram shots into magnets.

Stickygram gets it. Did you know that the average dishwasher and oven are magnetic? The amount of surface area in your kitchen, alone, could revolutionize your ability to remember things.

You get a sheet of 9 magnets for $14.99.

Probably watching Netflix.