Kitsch is all up in my hair [Review]

I could easily write a book on my relationship with my hair. Anyone who has been around me when it’s out of it’s cage (aka a top knot) knows that it’s a force to be reckoned with, and while everyone says they’re jealous of bountiful, ringlet curls – I think they all secretly thank their genetics for not forcing the burden of high quantity hair, just a little bit.

It reaches the middle of my back when it’s down, it’s thick, textured, and completely sentient.

There have been mixed experiences with all kinds of hair products from gels to brushes, but by far the most explored hair accessory for this girl is hair ties. Hair bands, ponytail holders, hair ties, elastics – whatever you call them, it’s been tried. I have run the gamut on mane-controlling accessories and have horror stories and lullabies about all of them. Lately, though, my research has been stunted because, well, I found something that works.

Kitsch Hairbands - Great for Thick Hair

You can totally see some hair trying to escape from my Kitsch hair bands, but it’s futile. 

My biggest gripes with most hair bands are…

  • They are ugly! I’m almost thirty, have good taste, and therefore don’t need a hair band that looks like a friendship bracelet.
  • They stretch out. After daily use for a week and a half, most hair ties are completely misshapen. They stretch out, warp, lose elasticity, and become useless garbage!
  • Worn on wrist = looks like a 14 year old.
  • They slide down! An hour after tightly securing a hair band around a top knot or bun, and I find myself in a chignon.

Kitsch Hair Bands

The blue sparkly Kitsch hair tie has been use daily for 3 months – not kidding! Still works great, by itself.

When these tied hair bands started popping up everywhere, I was intrigued. People were trying to sell them as dual-purpose hair elastics and bracelets!!! but I’m too smart for that. I won’t be wearing these as bracelets, sorry. I liked how these ties looked, I liked the lack of tiny-metal-tube, and I liked the sparkly one (duh). But really, Kitsch has cracked the code on hair ties. When they asked if they could send a batch my way, I said yes with enthusiasm because I am (was?) desperately looking for anything that would cease my never-ending rotation of stretched out, old, and unraveling hair ties. Deep down, though… I never expected them to work. Sorry, it’s just the truth. I got Kitsch-slapped. (Aaahahaha. Good, right?) Kitsch Hair Ties Review As you can see, the colors are bountiful, and the above photo doesn’t even include the headbands and non-hair-tie offerings. I prefer my blue sparkly one, because we’ve built a relationship, but I can’t tell you the joy that comes along with knowing that you’ll never have to throw away a hair tie again. It even opens up opportunities for hair tie color coordination and considering them a part of my wardrobe! Good stuff.


Kitsch sells these ties in sets of five, and the price is right around $15.99 for a set. It seems like an investment, but remember – three months on one elastic! Not too shabs, if you ask me.

What’s your favorite way to put your hair up?

Probably watching Netflix.