Tunesday: Light The Match & Choies Matchstick Necklace

One of my favorite songs is a saucy little number by Washington native, Mirah, called “Light the Match.” It’s all about the unbearable urge to cause trouble & mischief – something I can definitely get behind, relate to, and advocate openly.

I love collecting jewelry that¬†means something specific. Many of you have seen my “I’m way obsessed with Tom Waits” necklace, and my “I’m way too dramatic today” baroque necklace from Choies… Well, now I have one to represent my everlasting love of trouble.

(The song takes a turn for the “unhealthy obsession” route, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing… right?)¬†

Lindsay Ginn Match Necklace

Jewelry Review Choies Match Necklace

A little golden matchstick on the end of a delicate chain. Seems so appropriate that something so combustable should be suspended by something so fragile. Kind of explains the whole nature of the story, doesn’t it?

I’ve worn this for about two weeks straight and have received endless compliments on it – even by such highly-esteemed tastemakers as Seattle baristas. You know you’ve made it when they break from their icy disposition to pay you a compliment, and this accessory is apparently my key to melting their hearts. (Melting… icy… match… I’m super good at referential adjectives!)

Match Necklace Jewelry Review

Choies Match Necklace Jewelry Review

Check it out!: Choies Red Match Sign Necklace, $26.99


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