Affordable Line to Love: Parfait by Affinitas

There isn’t much lingerie featured on this website. It’s not because I don’t like it, and it’s definitely not because I don’t buy it… It’s because I’m bitter about it.

I am not an easy lady to fit when it comes to bras, so naturally, I avoid having to buy or think about them at all costs. I have a small ribcage and… huge everything else, so finding something that works usually means finding something that looks like it was engineered by a company that also builds boats and airplane hangars. Not really that exciting, and I’m not interested in things that aren’t exciting.

Affinitas Intimates

L-R: Affinitas Serena Baleconette Bra ($31.20) and Thong Panty ($14.40); Affinitas Hannah Convertible Balconet Bra ($32) and Bikini Panty ($19.20);  Affinitas Clarissa Plunge Bra ($30.40) and Thong Panty ($14.40). 

Every time I receive an email about Affinitas Intimates, I’m blown away. I should have written this post years ago. They are a company that prides themselves in offering lingerie in sizes that will literally accommodate the vast majority of women and they’ll do it with beautiful designs that will make you feel totally okay about having a huge rack again. 

Those moments of wishing you had smaller boobs so you could wear cuter bras? Yeah, that’s over.

Parfait by Affinitas - Full Figure Lingerie

L-R: Parfait Celine Contour Bra ($48) and Hipster Panty ($20); Parfait Charlotte Balconette Bra ($38) and High Waist Brief ($15); Parfait Odette Balconette Bra ($48) and Bikini Panty ($25) 

They have a complimentary line called Parfait by Affinitas is extra special because it’s specifically for full-busted ladies. I’m a big fan of showy lingerie (showy anything, really) so while I love their home line for classic, beautiful pieces, Parfait offers a solution to big-boob-bra-blues.

Parfait’s size range is bananas. 28-40 band sizes, and cup size D to K. 28D to 40K. That’s pretty much unheard of when it comes to full bust lingerie that actually looks good, and Affinitas makes some of the most beautiful undergarments I’ve seen for larger sizes!

Affinitas & Parfait Longline Bras

L-R: Parfait Danielle Longline Bra, $54; Affinitas Marilyn Longline Bra in Rose (also available in black), $38.40

One of my favorite things about Affinitas and Parfait is that they almost always have at least one longline bra. I haven’t gotten over my previous obsession with longline bras, and the fact that I could snag one for under $60 in my cumbersome size makes me really happy. That pink longline bra on the right has a matching half-insane, half totally vintage-hot high-waist thong. Kinda crazy, kinda awesome, right?

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Lastly, I wouldn’t be writing about Affinitas and Parfait if they weren’t completely affordable. Girls with larger busts know how expensive even the most basic, boring lingerie can cost. Every time I need a new bra, I can expect to spend about $80 on one if I expect it to last more than a few weeks or work properly. That’s over a week’s worth of groceries, or a really irresponsible night out with friends! Not a dollar amount I throw around carelessly.

If I spend $80 on something it had better fit all of my criteria, including being adorable and something I’ll feel awesome in. Plane hangar bras? Yeah, not anymore. You’ve seen the prices! They are all tremendously low, given what you’re seeing. Unique designs, really beautiful fabrics, and under $40. What more could you ask for?

See more on Affinitas and Parfait on their website,!