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Welcome to June! Is it sunny where you are? It’s sunny where I am, but I am trying not to get too attached. Last time I got attached to warm weather, Seattle had three weeks of rain. It’s a lot harder to be whimsically lazy in drizzle than it is to be whimsically lazy in the sun. It’s been a rough couple of weeks, friends, a rough couple of weeks.

Anyway, links!

Freddie Mercury & Darth Vader

Putting together my summer playlist is proving to be a taller task than I was expensive… You can bet that Freddie Mercury is involved, though! (Darth Vader, not so much.) [Source]

Srs Stuff

First, Some Worldy Stuff: There’s kind of some serious business going on around the world right now, and due to the media blackout in Turkey, not enough people know about the extreme amounts of protests and social unrest that civilians are experiencing. This is a fabulous article that sums it up perfectly: What is happening in Istanbul? Please share!

A Bit More Worldy Stuff That Has to Do with Fashion: Perhaps you’ve heard about the factory that have recently collapsed in Bangladesh, killing over 1100 people. Did you know that some apparel manufacturers immediately jumped on board to be held responsible for the safety conditions of their factories? (PS – How was that not already in place?! Ugh.) The sad news is that there are 15 major retailers who have not signed it. What gives? Yell at ’em on Twitter! Sign that shit!

Have you heard of Megyn Kelly?: I promise you won’t forget her after you see her take two rich, white misogynists down on her political talk show. The surprising twist: she’s a Fox News anchor.

…Now, in some shiny-burn-time news: Hungary set fire to all of Monsanto’s GMO corn crops. Heee.

miroslava duma

Photo: Sophie Mhabille

Do you know who Miroslava Duma is? It’s okay if you don’t but you should really take a few minutes to fawn over her style.

The Funny Pages

6am is a Dick: This post by Smaggle perfect sums up my thoughts & feelings about mornings.

Thanks, Internet: Never ask the internet to help you Photoshop something.

They’re Real People? Seeing Hipster Barista, Success Kid, Stop Girl and Ermagerd Girl with other facial expressions really threw me off my game today.

This Rules: 5 friends pose for the same picture every five years for 30 years. :’)


Historically Hardcore posters by Andrew Keir

The Stylish Section

Hate Your Kitchen? Have no money? Here are 5 things you can do to upgrade the look on a super budget!

I Love Eyeliner. Megan the Beautiful Frugalista (name embellished by yours truly) gives us the best eye-crack under $20!

Calling All Stylish Nerds: My BRILLIANT comrade, Kiri Callaghan (omg that faux alliteration is making me swoon), mentioned Console 2 Closet on her blog – it’s a fashion blog based on video games!

Not for the iPhone Weary: I really love how Karen from Where Did U Get That? is using the Vine app to capture street style – it’s a totally different experience!

galaxy pocket

This shirt is available for purchase here, but I think I speak for all of us when I say “DIY.” 

Find anything good this week? Leave you best links below!

Probably watching Netflix.

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