Link Love

Caution: freaky. In Japan, It’s apparently “cool” to inject a donut-shaped glob of saline into your forehead? What?

Hipster Jackie: As an enormous fan of the show, Roseanne, this Tumblr blog makes me unbearably happy: Hipsters Who Dress Like Jackie from Roseanne.

washi tape door feature

Wishy-washi: This cool doorway was created by apartment-friendly washi tape! See more on A Beautiful Mess!

You all saw this, right?! The opening number at the Tony Awards (lead by Neil Patrick Harris) pretty much blew my mind and made me cry.

Build Her Up: Fans of jewelry & architecture, unite! Here are some beautiful pieces of jewelry inspired by some of the most famous architectural achievements around the world.

Candy Glass House

This glass house/atrium… is made of candy.

Sweatjeans?: Miley Cyrus is trying to make hybrid jean-sweatpants happen. I’m… going to have to pass.

Rachel Green Goes Green: Jennifer Anison is keeping chickens! I think it’s 100% cool, but she’s getting some flack for it. Why? I don’t know. Rich people shouldn’t, like, get dirty?

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