Link Love

Megan (of The Frugalista) has just discovered & worn my new favorite dressand it’s less than $50.

Did you hear about the recent Kickstarter hullabaloo? Well, apparently, some genius got the idea to raise money for a “Seduction Guide” aka a veritable¬†How-To for sexual assault against women. Gross, right? Well, they got their stupid funding, but this apology and action from Kickstarter is pretty damned redeeming.

Beautiful Swimsuits by Project 104

Found these beautiful swimsuits from Project 104 on The Clothes Horse. Isn’t it mesmerizing?

My good friend Kiri Callaghan is trying to become the next vlogger for Geek & Sundry (Felicia Day‘s nerdtacular organization) and I think she’s got a great shot at winning a spot in their lineup! She’s a Seattle gal, like me, and has an awesome outlook & personality for video blogging. Check out her epic Xbox game collection – damn!

There’s no signup required to vote for her, so if you could pop over to her page and click “Vote!” it would make our year!

cinderella as a burlesque dancerYou might know already, but I am a huge fan of Seattle’s burlesque scene – it’s amazing! I loved seeing these renderings of Disney Princesses as Burlesque Performers by Madhanz.

Ronata Wedges from ShoeDazzles


Ronata wedges

Did you know that when you take the ShoeDazzle quiz, you get 25% off your first purchase within two days? Take the quiz here!

My current favorite board on Pinterest is this one, called “Clink and Drink” by my friend Rachael! It’s full of really exciting-sounding and beautiful cocktails and drinks! Which is where I found…

Whisky Collins

…This delectable recipe for a Whisky Collins!

Leave your best drinks – er, links – below!