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IT’S HUMID. I hate humid. My hair loves humid, but the rest of my body is pretty dissatisfied with this “walk outside and wet” experience. (This is the part where everyone from Florida and Georgia unsubscribe from my Seattle-based blog…)

Today, I leave for a whirlwind, overnight trip to Whidbey Island. Then, I return to Seattle for three days before driving back up there again to have a mini-vacation over July 4th! Crab season opens on July 1st, and in my family – that’s a big deal. Everyone drinks scotch, wears sunglasses, and we all pretend we’re on The Deadliest Catch. Bonding. You know.

So that’s what my week is going to look like. You will probably see poorly-taken photographs on my Instagram! Who doesn’t love inebriated fisherman?

On to the links!

Cheap Chica went to town on one of Charlotte Russe’s crazy blowout sales! See her picks here. (Stuff for $3!? Danger!)

On the off-chance you’ve been hankering to make a topiaryPS I Made This… has you covered.

My cinemagraph obsession is so far from over.

Wow, this is a great article! Sisters in Brokeness, Mary & Leah form Fabulous on a Budget, talk about the best ways to maximize the natural light in your home!

Oooh, here is a tidy list of DIY Camera Straps! I know I’ll definitely be needing one for the summertime!

Glam Canyon Dress from ModCloth

DRESS OF MY DREAMS: Yep, still not over photographic prints.

Star, an artist/renaissance woman/innanet crush, designed some beautiful materials for a bourbon tasting, and all of the beautiful pictures and packaging are making me quite thirsty.

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Probably watching Netflix.