Link Love

I have been so music-focused this week, thanks to summer music being a natural priority for me, and the fact that I’ve been spending a lot of times working in coffee shops, which means headphones. Bless you, headphones. (Sometimes I wear them when no music is playing because it’s a surefire way to keep people from talking to me. Charming, right?)

So, this week’s Link Love is mostly videos, but there’s also tons of cool info and righteous, political-lady-stuff!

Onto the links!

Um, this is the best thing to come out of the internet in a while.

Pretty incredible & powerful piece from Mary Lambert, who you know from Macklemore’s Same Love track! It’s all about acceptance & lovin’ what you got & never letting anyone take that away from you. Good stuff.

This is my dream come true: a full, photographic catalogue of the best red lipsticks out there – complete with swatches, names & links!

I went on a very weird mash-up spree recently and discovered a little album put out by an artist named Tor called Illinoize.” Sufjan Stevens fans will instantly recognize that as a modified spelling of one of his [better, in my opinion] albums featuring the widely-played “Chicago” single. Tor has mixed select Sufjan Stevens songs with various, excellent hip hop tracks from people like Aesop Rock, Outkast (ATLiens-era) and Brother Ali. 

Check out the full album on SoundCloud, or download here!

My friend Kiri made it into the top 30 in the search for Geek & Sundry’s new video blogger! Her newest video is above and we’d so appreciate if you took the time to click this link and give her a vote! (No sign-up, just a button-push!) She’d be so perfect for this job, and if you ever meet you, you’ll totally understand!

I know 500% more about ninjas now after watching that than I did going in. Or ever thought I would.

Barbie vs. Real Women

Barbie vs. Real Women: A Study in Comparison. Normally, I would apologize for the use of “real women” because I think that phrase does more damage than good on a regular basis… but in the case of Barbie – one is “a real woman’s proportions” and one is definitely NOT. (Thanks to Meagan for sharing this!)

This is the most comprehensive video I’ve ever seen about going from dark hair to light. Lots of great info here!

Leave your favorite links below, eh?

Probably watching Netflix.