Link Love

This summer is really starting to feel like a summer! Like a real one! Seattle doesn’t get those, and neither do I, typically, because I am a hermit with no money. But this summer, I’ve been taking advantage of living in the city and $9 whiskey bottles while spending a lot of time outside. Trying new things! It’s good for you!

I wore a pair of Nine West wedges from 10am to 1am yesterday and I must say – I am quite impressed. My boyfriend even said “Wow, and you didn’t even bitch once! Not one time!” I guess I’m pretty impressive, too, what can I say?

On to the links!

If ever you feel sad, please refer to this story about a dog saving and caring for a lost/abandoned kitten.

I gotta admit, I’m kind of interested in the new So Supreme line from MAC. I can’t say no to a highly pigmented plum lipstick… Read about it on nitro:licious!

Who hasn’t longed for an Instant-90s-Music-Button at one time or another?

New Blog Alert: Just discovered via Pinterest (where I discovered the DIY for this awesome leather + wood bookshelf).

Link Love: Real Rosie the Riveters from WWII

I love vintage photos! Especially vintage photos of women. This week, I stumbled across some photos of ACTUAL “Rosie the Riveter”s from World War II (early 1940s)! Such amazing women.

I can’t lie – I get excited when I see celebrities in clothing from affordable places like Kohl’s.

The TOMS of Eyewear, Warby Parker (who gives a pair of glasses to a child in need for every pair purchased) has partnered with Gwyneth Paltrow on a line of vintage-inspired sunglasses. I have mixed feelings about Paltrow, but Warby Parker and sunglasses, I like.

The Uncluded have released a very cool, very insect-y, stop motion video for the track, “Organs.”

 If you’ve got any links, feel free to leave ’em here!

Probably watching Netflix.