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I have been spending my time allowing myself to disappear dow hours down the rabbit holes of the internet. Have you ever just spent time clicking things and following your curiosity? It’s one of my favorite past-times because of the many, many amazing things I’ve been able to stumble across as a result of careless clicking and time-sucking.

This week, it definitely paid off.

In other news, I grew my first plant and it’s kind of blowing my mind that I haven’t managed to kill it within its first few days of life.

Day 3-4 - Basil Sprout from GrowBottle!

Organic basil sprouts from my GrowBottle! Stay tuned for more on that…

Sprout-lets! Look at them! That was two days ago, and now there are so many more that I’m starting to get a little nervous about the responsibility that accompanies the creation of life.

…but I’m on a mission from pizza, and pizza says “grow basil” so SPROUT AWAY LITTLE GUY. I’ll try not to kill you.

On to the links!

hair and pbr

Totally in love with this photo I found on Kelley Ash’s blog.

This video is called For Women Who Are Difficult To Love. The beautiful words that pseudo-narrate were written and spoken by Warsan Shire – a Kenyan-born Somali woman who lives in London.  She has an amazing ability to conjure emotions with her words, and illustrate moments and feelings that I couldn’t explain if I tried. Absolutely beautiful. More about Warsan Shire here.

She is also responsible for this, which stopped me in my internet-tracks, as well.

Warsan Shire quote

Guys with Fancy Lady Hair: This will heal any of yours hurts.

Lindy West (@thelindywest), a writer from Seattle, is on a multi-year roll when it comes to writing empowering, real content about women for Jezebel. Two of her articles for Jezebel blew up this week – one from recently and the other from a year ago.

Thin Women: I’ve Got Your Back. Could You Get Mine? discusses the body-shaming society we’re surrounded by, and how fat-shaming – now officially taboo – is no worse than shaming women who are naturally thin.

Then, there’s Listen Up, Ladies: Here’s All The Things Men Think Is Wrong With You. Hoo boy. I hope you’re in a place with sound-barriers and waterproof furniture because I was laughcrying the entire way through this article. It’s so true, so poignant, and is delivered with such hilarious and brutal honesty that physical reactions and spit-laden laughter are inevitable.

Budget Babe tells you how to shop H&M’s Paris Show collection before it hits stores!

Oooh, DIY Garment Rack! I love the look of this and I could definitely use the storage…

Photo by Jordan Matter

This is one of a series of photographs of ballet performers in unusual situations, taken by Jordan Matter.

Leave your favorite links below!

Have a great weekend!

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