Link Love

Happy Thursday! My night will be full of luchadores and cheap beer, both of which I am so badly in need of. Then, the rest of my week will consist of easing back into my enormous pile of to-do design projects, nearly all of which I am behind on. (I blame summer and my complete inability to focus on anything when I could be outside not staring at a billion tiny pixels for 9 hours.)

The only other relevant thing I have to say is that I wore my new ring today.

key ring

Some things I learned:

  • Not for use with sweaters.
  • Put ring on after putting jacket on.
  • Do not reach into front pocket while in line for coffee unless you want to look like you have crabs when you violently struggle to remove it from your pants.

I like the ring, but it is definitely the Trophy Wife of statement rings.

On to the links!

i don't know where i'm going


Can adding vinegar to nail polish prevent it from chipping and make it last longer?! Budget Babe has your answer.

May I present 15 Things You Absolutely Must Know About Social Media Or Your Face Will Melt Off And Be Eaten By Goats, courtesy of The Bloggess.

Slowly getting really emotionally attached to the 3.1 Phillip Lim x Target collection, especially after these photos that Garance Doré took in their studio.

I’m sorry, but this recipe ruined my life for a couple days. Is nothing sacred?!

Here are 26 Ingenious Ideas from Design*Sponge to make your home more efficient and effectively unique! (Many are super-budget friendly.)

photo booth babe stack


Fell in love with these songs this week:

This song, by Mirah, made it onto my super-sappy music Tumblr that I only update with song that make my heart hurt. (Masochism.)

Hold on to your skivvies, ladies. This song by The Heavy has Hanes-melting abilities. Just sayin’.

This was one of my favorite songs several years ago, and stumbling upon it again this week was definitely a highlight. Fiery Furnaces forever!

I’m not super familiar with Ratatat, though they’ve been recommended to me several times, but this song makes me chair-dance.

Give me the good stuff.

  • I think you linked to the Ratatat youtube video instead of the Budget Babe nail polish link! also, that Ratatat song is the only one I know but I love it.

    • Ah, good catch!

      It’s the only one I know, too, but it’s absolutely fantastic. I have the rest of that album on my “to listen” list, for sure. But I’m #1 procrastinator so maybe next year, haha.