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Is it just me or does it feel impossible to catch up, lately? Maybe the daylight savings time switch has me all flustered. Also, lately I’ve been the kind of Broke that doesn’t allow you to get a fancy latte from a cute barista every day and that really bums me out. If I can’t start my day with caffeine & flirting, how can anyone expect me to get anything done?!

Bedroom with sliding barn doors by Anne Maxwell Foster and her business partner, Suysel dePedro Cunningham

This room, belonging to and designed by Anne Maxwell Foster with help from her business partner, Suysel dePedro Cunningham, pretty much blew my mind with the sliding barn door thing. What an awesome idea for a repurposed feature!*

*Let’s not discuss the fact that the wallpaper they used is $300/roll – HA, HA, HA. :[ 

Neil Gaiman wrote a series of short stories based on questions he received on TwitterDamnit, that guy is cool.

This is a really cool Instagram-based project by David Schwen featuring commonly paired foods as Pantone swatches. Just click it!

Ever get sick of looking at the same shops, over and over again? Me, too! Fortunately, I came across, which has tidy and thorough lists of all the best shops online!

Very cool (& beautiful) DIY for producing Shibori, or to culturally butcher the concept for simplification purposes: Japanese tie-dye.

not caring


Springtime in Seattle means lots of rain and some rain with a chance of rain rain. This is a good DIY for waterproofing your canvas shoes with beeswax! Much nicer than that gross, chemically stuff, yeah?

I love this style of scarf-knot-ing.

Yes! Kate Spade is coming out with a lower-priced line called Saturday, and it should be available in spring! It will include accessories from $25-$50 and clothes with an average MSRP of $90! Not too shabs. (The Saturday website is a Pinner/Tumblr’s dream.)

My newest favorite find in the Department of Outfit Bloggers!

chalkboard wall

This picture may have me painting a chalkboard wall in my kitchen tomorrow…

Eating out can be really expensive, but if ya gotta do it, you better bring a coupon! Be proud, be cheap, be fed.

I never get tired of these lists: 50 gifts you can make for $10 or less!

Edible deodorant candywhat?!

Le Media

The life of a shirt from conception to delivery.

New video from Allen Stone! I like him, I think he makes happy music. He’s touring, too!

I think everyone should know about the Bechdel test! It pertains to the way women are portrayed and considered in film, and it’s really important stuff! Feminist Frequency does a great job of explaining, too.

This is an awesome project (or reprise of a project) called Flickering Lights by HitRECord (which is Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s [JGL, let’s be real we all think about him enough to abbreviate for efficiency] production company outreach art enigma thing).

I cannot stop listening to this song and waiting for summer. Emmylou Harris, Gillian Welch, and Alison Krauss singing Didn’t Leave Nobody But The Baby.

Thanks, 4Chan, for making me feel dumb.

And one to go – for Sunday morning:

Step Aside Coffee This Is a Job for Alcohol

Probably watching Netflix.

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