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Wow! I am so late on this today. I spent my entire day at Marshalls and I’m not joking. I got there at noon and left at 7pm. My feet hurt and I want a garbage can full of spaghetti, but I did a very good job and cannot wait to brag about it later.

& if you want to see what became of this shirt…

Cat Shirt Not Good

…I suggest you stay tuned.

Onwards to link love!

Here’s a quick & dirty way to get DIY studded flats!

What does your hair color say about your phase in life? My friend Kiri revisits her crazy hair history.

If you have cast iron cookware, try oatmeal during your next tough cleaning sesh!

I will get through these! …I am so behind.
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Advanced Style, one of the best and most inpirational street style blogs on the ‘net, paired up with Coach and some top bloggers to talk to some of their frequently photographed subjects. Check the media section at the bottom of the post for a clip of Susie Bubble talking to Ilona Royce Smithkin!

Did you miss the collections last month and maybe have a penchant for gradient color? Well, Fashionista has mapped out every New York F/W 2013 collection from London, Milan, New York, and Paris on a huge rainbow color map.

NYC Fall 2013 Fashion Week on a color map

love the idea of using old, wooden palettes in home decor DIY projects because there are so many empty palettes in the world, and they’re a great, modular shape – making them really easy to make functional. & Before you decide that it’s too “shabby chic” for you, check this a list of really modern palette=based furniture!

A whole bunch of new Marni stuff just arrived at The Outnet! There are a handful of things under $100 (including bikinis).

I love free and I love coffee, so it behooves me to let you know you could win an espresso machine from Beekman 1802!


Susie Bubble meets Ilona Royce Smithkin (via Advanced Style).

Really good styling in this teaser video for Luce Lu Handmades.

New music video (& music!) from The Yeah Yeah Yeahs! Discovered via Style It! who not one week ago said, “Where is Karen [O.]??” Hashtag psychic.

Elevator Makeover. I’m just going to leave this here. 

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Probably watching Netflix.