Link Love

Use newspaper made seedling pots and keep them in a bright window until they’re happy! Then replant them in your garden or pot once they’re sprouted.

Get bored easily? Here are 10 ways to dress up a ponytail.

The distance from Earth to Mars – in pixels.

I fell in love with the cozy comfort of Rita Konig’s home on The Selby:

Rita Konig Home Tour Selby

See also: the tattoos on the back of designer Luis Venegas‘ hands:

Luis Venegas Hard Work Tattoos

Caution: addiction-worthy. You can use Google Images to find images “similar” to a photo you’re in love with? This is a pretty exciting development for design addicts…

These “anamorphic” sculptures are kind of blowing my mind.

Extend the life of your jeans by dying them once they fade!

I want to make this so bad! DIY herringbone cabinet.

I want seven million of these Thai Iced Tea Popsicles available to me, daily.

Are you lucky enough to have a yard? Or at least a deck? Here are 7 sources for budget-friendly outdoor furniture!

Have a good weekend! You should probably skip work tomorrow, just sayin’.

(I am.)