Affordable Line to Love: Blood Is The New Black

Another mystery brand suddenly popped up on my radar a couple of weeks ago when my friend Molly made me unbelievably jealous by owning this shirt. Jealous to the point of scouring ShoppingLand for my own.

Whiskey Bent & Hell Bound T-shirt

Whiskey Bent & Hell Bound t-shirt, $44

I love a good graphic tee. In fact, I would wager that graphic t-shirts are one of my favorite types of clothing. I have my limits (no logos, please), and I know what I like (just a hair above tissue thin and barely fitted) so that means my collection is fully of perfection. I should hang a sign that says “The Perfection Collection” on the shelf with my t-shirts on it. That’s how good it is.

It should be noted that there are a total of three shirts in this collection. Yeah, it brings the bravado down a little bit, but they are really good. I reviewed one of them on B&B a few months ago. Running into Blood Is The New Black makes me feel like that collection is about to get a lot more impressive.

Not only did they have my Hank Williams Appreciation shirt, but they had a gaggle of others that I require immediately.

Blood Is The New Black Wishlist

Blood Is The New Black: Cowfate Tee and Pam Love Tee

The shirt on the left is called “Cowfate” and the Taurus/Ox in me loves all the horned-animal business going on (goat? bull? bison? who knows what it is, but it’s awesome). Spiritually, of course. As for the shirt on the right, I can’t help but love jewelry designer, Pamela Love, and this photo of her makes me really happy! Appropriately called “Pam Love.”

Mummy Dearest T-Shirt & Holding Skull T-Shirt

On the left, we have “Mummy Dearest,” aka the perfect blend of “cute” and “utterly disturbing” – a juxtaposition I’m particularly fond of. On the right, something that can be simple described as beautiful. “Holding Skull” also has a sheer back.

Pigeon Toe T-Shirt and Creature Of The Night Muscle Tee

At the left, “Pigeon Toe” is a sweet and feminine illustration of… feet. Watercolor feet. Shoes, really. If I say it like that, it sounds weird, but just look at the shirt and you’ll understand why that’s not creepy. On your right, we have what should be a staple for any degenerate, city kid, “Creature Of The Night.”

Helping Independent Artists

Blood is the New Black works with independent artists in a way that I can respect – which means, of course, in a way that actually compensates the artists when purchases are made. On their site, they have curated collections populated with original works from over 55 different artists. They also have opportunities for new artists to join the team, so if you’ve got the skills, use ’em to pay the bills!

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BITNB (can I do that?) also has a really active and exciting Tumblr! Follow along for new designs, products, and artist information.

Prices range from $15 to $50, depending on the design! The sale section is littered with t-shirts that are under $20, but knowing that a portion of each sale goes back to the artist makes me a little more comfortable when it comes to paying $40 for a really awesome graphic t-shirt!

Have you heard of Blood is the new Black? What do you think of the designs?