MIA Blowout Sale on All My Favorites

Don’t you love it when you’ve just paid all of your bills and your favorite shoe brand has something they’re calling a “blowout sale” which means it’s definitely going to be awesome and you have no expendable cash? Great feeling. Really nice.

MIA Blowout Sale!

See the top right and bottom left? Yeah, those have both been on my wish list for ages! Now, of course, they’re each marked down $20+.

Hey, I don’t spend a lot of my time bitching about my lack of funds because being broke is awesome, but you can’t deny that poor timing when you’re navigating the Sea of Budgets can really take a big poop on your day. Hopefully, one of you can take advantage of MIA’s poorly timed blowout sale to get yourself a summer gift so I can live vicariously through you.

Now I’m off to cuddle my shoes.

Check it out: MIA Blowout Sale – Until Friday!

Probably watching Netflix.

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