Monday Wedgie: A Capella Attitude Wedges

This is kind of a sad post.

Why? Because these shoes admittedly do not come in my size. My size is gone. It’s gone forever. (Maybe.) (I don’t really know but it hurts less if I stop harboring hope, you know?)

But they’re perfect.

Monday Wedgie: A Capella Attitude WedgesSee? Perfect. Perfect shape, perfect curves, perfect laces… Just perfect. They’re high top, wedge sneakers (and I am a big fan of wedge sneakers with everything) and I want them so badly, it’s painful.

These are much taller (both in heel high and shaft height [wow do I hate that word]) than the ones I have, which are now discontinued. Made for tights, made for skinny jeans, made for me. They’re made for my body and I cannot have them. Curse you, cruel fate.

But I had to post them. Someone needs to own these, and if it can’t be me, it should be someone who graciously reads my whiny website, right? Right.

Check it out!: A Capella Attitude Wedge Sneakers, $44.99 from ModCloth

Probably watching Netflix.