Monday Wedgie: A Pop of Blue from Black Poppy

I’ve been spending the weekend with a really good friend, Zoë, who was visiting from Boston (she writes about hockeyGo Penguins? IDK this post is about shoes) and is a verifiable rainbow of a human. Neon pants, electric purple jeggings – even her bag is bright yellow. I told her I wanted to take her to a dark & spooky goth bar, and she informed me that she didn’t have any black clothes. Any! None!

So, today’s Monday Wedgie is following in Zoë’s footsteps by being blindingly blue in all the right ways.

Black Poppy Espadrilles

Black Poppy Mixed Espadrille Wedges, $39.50

I am a sucker for espadrilles, anyway, but these are particularly attractive. The women platform looks so perfect against the California-swimming-pool hue of blue that sits atop it in faux suede. Ankle straps (at that ankle location) are my favorite because everyone’s legs look amazing and you can quote me on that. Plus, I can’t do a sandal without an ankle strap because it will fly off my foot at some point, guaranteed, and potentially injure someone. I promise.

I see these well matched with white jeans, gauxy maxi skirts, cuffed shorts, or just about anything remotely summer-y. It’s sunny in Seattle today so my hopes for the future [aka an extended version of the summer we get for one week in August] are high.

Would you wear this blue, blue shoe?