Monday Wedgie: BCBGeneration Platform “Laffie” Sandals

For a minute, last week – it was summer. The sun was out, it was mid-60s in Seattle (that’s summer here, ok) and I left the house in leggings under jeans, a sweater with a wool coat, scarf and gloves. Needless to say – unpleasant getup for walking downtown.

So now, I am wholly devoted to conjuring spring.

BCBGeneration Flatforms

BCBGeneration Laffie Platforms

Who doesn’t love a 2″ rise on a wedge? These are perfect for beach days or lunch dates! I’m smitten with the pair on the far left – “Ginger/Black/Umber” – because I feel like they’d go with everything without eventually getting really boring. (Sorry, metallic.)

I haven’t owned a pair of slingback anythings in years – and with the ridiculous discount available for these, it might be time to change that! COME ON, SPRING, GET HERE ALREADY!

BCBGeneration Laffie Sandals-in-Ginger

Because it’s Amazon (sigh) there are 950 prices for each color and size in this style. My size in the color that I want: $18.41! Awesome! A size 6 in the same color? $53. Size 7.5? $18.41. Ugh. The good news is that the original price is $95, so either way, it’s a killer sale!

  • Love these! I wear these types of shoes until they fall apart. They are so versatile!

    • I don’t understand people who take care of their shoes like babies… They’re made to be worn! Wear ’em till they break!