Monday Wedgie: Coral Jenny

I’m bored with solid colors today. I am in a clashing mood. Give me some faux leather pants with sequins so I can wear my paisley shirt. Okay, I just grossed myself out a little bit, but you get what I mean. I want something exciting and unusual…

Geometric patterns and artsy shapes will definitely do the trick.

Steve Madden Jenny Wedge

When it comes to woven-look wedge heels, this is my favorite style. It’s soft, but still looks natural and fibrous. Against the bright orange, it’s just neutralizing enough to provide balance between the materials.

Steve Madden Jenny Wedge

They also come in a very neutral, solid beige color, if you’re into everything except the exciting parts (no judgies, but you gotta admit that the neutral beige is 300% less exciting).

Either way, they look a lot better with 25% of the original price chopped off.

Check it out!: Steve Madden Jenny Wedge from Lori’s Shoes, $56.90