Monday Wedgie: Fergie Pacifica Wedges

The “search for things that are 70% off, I’m not interested in paying full price today” feature of POPSugar Shopping is certainly a Monday-brightener. I feel the same way about these wedges.

Fergie Pacifica Wedges

Fergie “Pacifica” Wedge, $21.36

I so love a neutral wedge! They look perfect with everything, only explained by magic.

The strappy design on the front is interesting, but not distracting. My favorite part of this shoe, though – the ankle strap. My favorite ankle strap is one that hits below that protrusive bone whose name I don’t care to look up, and evenĀ more flattering than that? A t-strap style. Just gimme.

Fergie-Wedge-2Would wear with:

  • Tuxedo pants (like my teal tuxedo pants from the Narciso Rodriguez x Kohl’s line!)
  • A black skirt and graphic tee
  • Skinny jeans and a utility shirt with big sunglasses
  • Black cigarette pants and a sequin top
  • …I could go on for at least three Ayn Rayn books, let’s cap it at four ideas and call it a win.


  • Wonderful wedges. Looks like sizes sold out fast though. :(

  • Jess

    Those are really cute! I haven’t tried and of Fergie’s shoes yet. Thoughts?
    I just came across a pretty shoe sale at 20% off womens shoes. Check it out! They seem to have a pretty decent selection at good prices.

    • Ooh, thanks for the link! I haven’t tried Fergie’s shoes, admittedly. She has come a long way (or her design team – debatable what the truth is there) since she started. These are 500% more tolerable than her first collection! I am assuming they’re a tiny bit cheap but probably workable.

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