Monday Wedgie: Lace over neon

This is a wedge for the people who cringe at the thought of neon. Whether it’s because of the loudness or the fact that it reminds of you the 1980s so much, you can almost smell Aquanet – there is hope for you (I know you were so concerned with not being able to directly and currently enjoy the neon renaissance that we’re currently swept up in), and it comes in the form of layers.

Neon Lace Charlotte Russe wedges

Charlotte Russe Pop Color Lace Overlay Wedges, $35.50 

A super-vibrant orange wedge is covered in white lace to temper the vividness a bit and make it all girly in here.

These would look good on the bottom of some cuffed jeans or even beneath a maxi dress or skirt. Or with 6 other neon things and an LED overcoat, it’s really your call. Whatever fills your heart with odorless, colorless, tasteless gasand delight!

Probably watching Netflix.