Monday Wedgie: Monet Florence Wedges

Basics:  they’re fun!

…Until they’re not. Basics are called “basics” because they’re not terribly special. They’re run of the mill, utilitarian, and endlessly useful. Fun? Not always. Rarely, in fact!

But they’re eternal. I will never not need a ribbed tank. A black, fitted blazer will always be in my closet, and there will not be a summer when I don’t crave basic black sandals for every day.

…Until I don’t. (Catching a theme?) Today is a day when basic isn’t enough for me, and my black sandals are going to need an injection of sauce.

Snakeskin Flatform SandalNow that’s what I’m talking about. It’s the sexy mullet of basic sandals: business on top, party on the bottom (Take that wherever you want.)

The leather is real, the snakeskin is faux – this leads to a shoe that is going to make your feet so happy. Your hot, summer toes will also thank you for the measly 3″ heel with a more than substantial platform. I’m not going to tell you these are walking shoes, but they’re the closest thing you’ll get to a glamorous one!

Especially for less than $30.

Check it out!: Monet Florence Wedge from JCPenney, $29.99 (on sale)